Like to have your testimonial appear on this website then just <click here> and tell us what you thought about a show or trip you recently experienced.  These are older posts and we use Facebook to post reviews now. 


I run a YMCA Summer Camp and booked Chief Rowley to present one Friday. Chief Rowley put on the absolute best presentation of my summer camp. First of all, he was professional, courteous, and on time. As a presenter, Chief Rowley was so funny and! My campers were laughing and participating the entire time, enjoying every second of it. Even my shy kids or kids afraid of snakes participated and had a great time! What I especially loved about the show was how much informative material he snuck into what seemed like a comedy show. My kids were telling me all about what they learned for the rest of the camp day. I know they went home talking about it and telling their parents all about how to identify a harmful snake versus a non dangerous snake. They even got the opportunity to touch a Burmese python named Lucky! Amazing show, and so worth every single penny. I would highly recommend it if you run a camp, a school program, or even for a birthday party.  August 2013


July 17, 2013- we announced our A.C.F. (Camping Program) is closing after 15 years. The shows will continue on. Here are some responses from parents and campers as they learned about the closing of the ACF:

Chief, I haven't cried in a while to be honest when I read this a tear came to my eye. I just feel bad for all of the campers to be who wont be able to experience the wonder and excitement. I'm also sorry I'm not there to talk with you about it around a campfire.... I strongly feel you helped me become the man I am today with that program it taught me a lot of responsibility and I'm sad to see it go. Your Friend and Forever Camper - started when he was 9 and continued for 10 years.

Chief, Its been an honor and a real pleasure camping with you in the early years. Camping with ACF was not only educational but also one of the best times I had during my childhood. Its sad to hear that others won't be able to experience the same adventures but I know this is the better decision with your ever growing successful business. I will always cherish the great memories of ACF. Thanks for the great times at ACF - camper

Oh, that's so sad Chief! Thank you for all you've done, and for all the wonderful memories. - former staff

Chief, ...I can honestly attribute ACF as the sole reason i am what i would consider an "outdoors-y person". Furthermore, you were, have been, and always will be one of the most positive role-models in my life. I hope your other campers have taken as much away from your lessons of respect and enjoying life as I did. I look forward to future adventures and honestly pray that any children I may (or may not) have will be able to enjoy a similar experience with a similar role-model. - Original ACF Camper (1998)

I hate to hear this but I knew it was around the corner. [son] would love to see you. ... Thank you for so many years of camping, laughing, snake adventures, funny sounds and smells that I now enjoy with [son] through pics, videos and bodily functions that he has learned from you and the other - mother of camper of 7 years

Chief, I know that it has been hit and miss getting [son] to your outings due to Boy Scouts, but [son] talks so much about his adventures with you.  We are sorry to see the closing of this chapter, but hope that new opportunities will follow for you. - mother of camper of 2 years


Thanks for an exciting program today at North Orange library! Super excited to meet Lucky and you! - North Branch Library - June 2013

The students were laughing and learning from start to finish-this is the way all subjects should be taught. Joan Walker Elem. - May 2013

Thank you for entertaining us! The kids were talking about it all day!  - Camp Good Day - April 2013

It was AWESOME!!! The kids and adults loved the show. I would do the show again and have the venom show next time. My nephew was still talking about it until bed time. I like how you made it fun and entertaining for everyone. The kids really like holding the snakes and realizing you don't have to be afraid. Thank you again. - Birthday party for 7 year old - March 2013

"We have had Snake Education With a Twist give educational presentations for the past several years now at our school [Ventura Elementary School-Kissimmee). Our first graders love it - but Chief Rowley can adapt the show to any age level or group, even adults! He incorporates a great learning experience with lots of fun for the students. The children learn safety rules as w...ell as respect for live animals! We incorporate it into our Science curriculum of Plants and Animals - it is a great "Activating Strategy" and leaves the students wanting to learn more! All of our teachers love it! Some of our teachers have had him give presentations to their Boy scout Troops as well. Chief can adapt the learning experience to all ages! I would highly recommend the show for any get together or occasion!" - Ventura Elementary School - 1st Grade Teacher. - March 2013

"We wanted to have something fun/educational for the kids at our church, I have to say, excellent program! With Chief and all the snakes he brought, everyone enjoyed the show. Very informative, interesting, and punctual, And for the icing on the cake, at the end, everyone got the chance to touch a snake and take photos."  &  "It was awesome!! We all loved the program!!!!Thank you soooooo much!" & "We had FUN" & "It was a great experience!!! Thank you sooooo much!!"- Pathfinders, Sat. March 2, 2013

Chief Rowley was awesome. It was very easy to schedule the show (right from his website) that he did for my boy scout troop. His prices were very reasonable! He really loves what he does and it shows! He was able to keep the boys attention by mixing in humor with very important and relevant safety facts concerning venomous and non- venomous snakes. He gave the boys easy to remember tools to indentify venomous and non-venomous snakes by making use of live snakes and many other various types of visual aids! He allowed time for questions, showed off various types of live snakes, and even ate some worms at the end for effect! I would definitely recommend Chief Rowley for any type of gathering...birthday parties, boy scout meetings, or just because! He is the best! I would definitely invite him out again.  Scout Troop 603 - February 2013

Chief Rowley is such an entertainer. He is able to mix very important snake information with just the right amount of comedy and animation. He captures the children's attention right away and they really are focused on him the entire time. The picture opp with a snake at the very end was a great touch. My 7 year old is still talking about the fun time he had and asks me to send the picture to all his friends.  October 2012 - YMCA Indian Princesses    Great show and very educational for the kids. It was also very entertaining for all ages. I highly recommend!!!

Thank you for coming to my school today. The children loved the show. They were still talking about it hours after you left.  September 2012 - Quiet Waters Elementary, Deerfield Florida.

Thanks for your September, 2012 visit to Cub Scout Pack 42! You handled a crowd of boisterous young scouts with great skill, keeping them entertained and passing on important snake knowledge that will come in handy in their scouting careers and lives beyond. I have had great feedback from your visit with boys describing it as “AWESOME!” and that the show was all the boys were talking about at school the next day. I look forward to the next time I can arrange for you to visit our pack.   September 2012 Cub Pack #42

Thank you Chief Rowley! You made my son's birthday so special. The kids were all saying it was the best birthday party ever! Even the parents were all raving about how much they enjoyed the show. Andy is obsessed with Lucky and we have many pictures to prove it! Thank you for being so patient with all the kids and letting them spend so much time with the snakes. I would recommend your show to everyone out there! - Birthday Party August 2012

Chief came in on June 27th for a Snake education with a Twist Show for our library's summer reading program. He had the biggest turnout we have ever had for one of our programs, with there being almost 200 people in attendance. With so many kids one might think he would not be able to keep the audience captivated, but he had them on the edge of their seats for the entire show. The kids, as well as the adults, laughed and learned while we got to see many interesting snakes. We learned how to tell if snakes are dangerous or not and why snakes look a certain way and do the things they do like stick their tongues out. After the show, the kids cleaned out our books on snakes....Windermere Library June 2012.


Thanks Chief! The show was great and the kids all seemed to love it! You had a tough crowd with alot of little children. It is amazing how you can keep kids attention for that long and the snakes are very entertaining. We really appreciate you coming out and look forward to seeing you again in the future! I will pass along your information to the parents from our party.  Take care,  Abbie    June 2012 - End of Year Show

Just wanted to tell you that the parents and kids alike were still talking about your show 2 weeks later! Thanks so much for coming out on short notice. I will forward your message to the parents and hopefully you'll get some mom was already talking about booking you for her other son's bday.  Thanks Again  Kathy  Cub Scout Pk#978 May 2012

We saw "The Snake Guy" for an in-school field trip. The students and the teachers absolutely loved seeing the show. I learned a lot about snakes and his humor was great. I definitely won't 'touchy touchy' the snakes!   Dover Shores Elementary School May 2012

My name is Meg Bell, I am the program coordinator for Camp Good Days and Special Times.  For the past two years, I have had the privilege of participating in our annual Florida Fun-Fest trip, and each year we have had the privilege of experiencing Chief's show.  Being from New York, we are not accustomed to seeing snakes in the wild, and as such, we don't know much about them.  I think that the snake show you provide is not only very educational, but also very entertaining for all ages.  We bring children and adults who have been diagnosed with cancer, and they all crack up when Chief tells his jokes.  Thank you so much for providing our kids with this show, I know it is something that none of us will soon forget.  Camp Good Day - April 29, 2012

All of the students at Central Florida Behavioral Hospital appreciated Mr. Rowley's visit on Friday, March 30, 2012.  It was a wonderful experience to see all of the snakes and learn about how they live.  I have never thought about being a 'snake handler'...but, now I might enjoy that for a career.  I would like to become an animal advocate and help wildlife every chance I get.  Bethany  April 30, 2012
Below are some testimonials from some of the students at -CFBH-Sea Harbor Center -that day:
The snake show was awesome at Sea Harbor School!  We had so much fun looking at the snakes and listening to Chief Rowley.  His jokes were very funny and the snakes were really cool.  I got a chance to hold a snake and learn about their habits.  Noah

Chief Rowley, thank you very much for giving me a chance to see the snakes.  It was thrilling and a bit scary at first, but then when you discussed about identifying venomous and non-venomous snakes I felt like I could tell the difference.  You helped us to learn about wildlife, and I really enjoyed the afternoon.  Isabella

Thank you for taking your time and coming to talk to the students at Sea Harbor Center on Friday, March 30th.  We learned about snake safety and Chief Rowley showed us how to be around snakes without getting hurt.  There were very big snakes and small snakes as well.  Before this I was afraid to even look at a snake and during the program I actually got to hold a snake!  Savannah

Chief Rowley came to visit us a Sea Harbor Center and talked about different kinds of animals.  He brought snakes to our school and talked to us about how a bite could take you to the hospital and how to recognize if a snake was going to bite you or not.  Our presentation was hilarious.  Chief Rowley told jokes and helped us to relax around the snakes.  Victor

One of the best days at Sea Harbor Center was when Chief Rowley brought the snakes for a program for the students. I had a wonderful time listening to him tell us all about the snakes and their habits.  I learned many things that I did not know before about wildlife.  I even overcame my fears when I was allowed to hold the Burmese Python.  I so appreciated that Chief Rowley spent time with us and I hope to see the program again.  Ariana

The kids at Sea Harbor enjoyed a great afternoon with Chief Rowley and his snake information show.  The Chief was entertaining and every student was intrigued by the presentation.  We were educated about all types of wildlife. I cannot wait until the pictures come back!  It was so much fun to have the snake presentation...Thanks!  Ryan

Chief Rowley and his assistant [Greg K.] added a fun and educational component to our Pow-Wow that the kids simply ate up.  His humorous style (often silly) but always with a focus on safety and respect for wildlife, connected with our kids in a meaningful manner.  Our kids are still running around saying, "No Touchy Touchy!" His third and final show involving venomous snakes brought down the house, outstanding.  We would hire him again!  Suwannee River Music Park - Annual Parent Child Camping Program - Pow-Wow  March 9 & 10, 2012 -

I am the Team Leader for 1st grade at Ventura Elementary School in Kissimmee, Fl.  We have included "Snake Education With A Twist"; in our curriculum every year for the past 5 years.  The presentation correlates perfectly with the Sunshine State Standards unit on Living and Non-Living Things.  We introduce the unit to the students and present various types of animals and how they live.  Since buses are so expensive now, we have elected to choose On-Campus Presentations for the students to enjoy.  Chief Todd Rowley, with Snake Education With A Twis; comes to our school and does a FANTASTIC presentation for the students on various types of snakes, how they live, which ones are dangerous, etc.  His dynamic presentation is only enhanced with his input of humor that the students just love!!!!!  He travels to your school with great &props; and costume that thrill the students.  All students receive a laminated learning card; which reinforces what he has taught them.  Chief Rowley does presentations for Birthday Parties, Scouting Events, and other such occasions as well.  I would highly recommend this event for any occasion !!!!!!!  Venture Elementary School March 2012

Chief puts on an extremely entertaining and educational show. I've known him for the past 3 years and he does not fail to put a smile on kids and adults' faces. If you are looking for someone to provide some fun and teach you or your group a few things about snakes this is your man! You won't be disappointed.  Jules - LaAminstad - January 2012

Stephen has a great time with Chief and the other boys. He has gone on In State and Out of State trips, as well as local day trips. He gets great experiences and is making friends. I would definitely recommend for any pre-teen and teenager!  January 29, 2012 Mother of a teenage who started at age 11 (August 2009)

I have seen Chief several times, every year we bring our 5th graders to Camp Wewa, and every time the kids LOVE the show! Not only do they have a great time and laugh a lot, but they are learning SO much in the process. I would highly recommend Chief!!  Teacher - Hunters Creek Elementary School  Jan. 2012

Chief, Thanks for the trip.  Samuel had so much fun. He hasn't stopped talking about "Chief".  Who is this Chief guy?  Samuel likes him so much that he came home and created a mii on the wii....Have a good week and thanks for the pictures.  Mom of 10 year old boy in ACF program Jan. 15-16, 2012

Chief Rowley and Lucky the snake were awesome for my sons 7th birthday party. Chief's presentations are exciting and informative and had everyone's attention. Everyone is still talking about how it was the best show ever. I highly recommend if you have a son or daughter who is intrigued by snakes to book a party with Chief and his snakes. It will be a show to remember.  January 2012 - 7 year old birthday boy          We loved to go to the party and also GREAT show!!!!! I didn't expect to have so much fun, you add a special touch, hope to see you in other events.... parent at birthday party January 2012

Everyone LOVED the show and we will definitely have you back again.  We are hoping to make Camp Wewa our annual 5th Grade Trip and we would love to make you a part of that.  You will be hearing from me again about this time next year!  J  Thanks again!  West Creek Elementary School December 2012.

Thanks for the experience. He had a great time. September 2011 - Night Time Shark Fishing Trip.

Chief, It sounds like you guys had so much fun.   I was awoken at 2am to Samuel jumping on the bed ready to tell me about his adventure....I really want to thank you.....I can't help but think what impact you have on kids who don't have parents or even a dad who takes the time to take them to experience new things or just to take an interest in them.  September 2011 - Night Time Shark Fishing Trip

Chief, Samuel had so much fun on the trip last week. He hasn't stopped talking about it. Pictures that you've sent so far show how much fun you all have. We would love to have him continue with your program.  New Camper-1st Out of State Trip - 10 years old. August 2011

Thank you, Thank you Thank you. Your show was Awesome. The Kids and staff had a great time. July 2011 Capehart Park - Summer Camp

Even though I was unable to attend the snake show this summer, my staff here at Fort Gatlin said it was awesome.  I had a parent tell me “my child was laughing so hard he almost wet his pants”.  I also was told one of my staff members could not get far enough away from the snakes, because he was petrified of them.  All in all you did another fantastic job.  Nina is going to Barnett today and will be bringing some items that the children made for you.  Thanks, Fort Gatlin Staff.  July 2011 Summer Camp

"Chief” Rowley’s Snake Education presentation was hands down the best presentation we had all summer. Not only was it very informative and taught our campers a ton of things about snakes, it also kept the kids excited and present. Chief has a way of keeping the kids entertained with big smiles while secretly teaching them about snakes. You can definitely tell that he has a passion for his presentation. We had several parents tell us that their children talked all night about the snakes and Chief. To this day we have kids running around screaming “No Touchy, Touchy!” I would definitely recommend Chief’s Snake Presentation to any youth center, camp, school or library.  July 2011 South Econ Gym and Recreation Center - Summer Camp

Thank you for making Jonah and Jared’s birthday party such a huge ssssuccesss!  You were able to engage, educate and entertain all of our guests- Ages one to 70!  That is quite a remarkable feat!  You made such an impact on my guys that Jared announced yesterday that he wants to be “Chief” for Halloween.  You have an extraordinary program!  I wish you much success in the future.  Birthday - June 2011

Chief Rowley had more than 150 adults and children captivated with his winning combination of educational information, homespun humor and wonderful snakes.  The one hour program was just the right length for the school aged children 6 - 12 years old.  I highly recommend including Snake Education with a Twist for your summer reading program.  Edgewater Branch Library June 30, 2011

Thank you so much for coming to our home to do a snake show for my son's 5th birthday party! You did a great job keeping the children (ages 4 years to 10 years) engaged, and the adults were very entertained as well! This was a unique and unforgettable experience for EVERYONE who was there! Thanks again!  Birthday Party June 2011

We took an 8 year old boy to Snake Encounter this past Saturday at Chapin Station and had a great time.  Chief Rowley was hilarious on both a kid’s level and an adult level.  The Park Department staff were wonderful.  The location was perfect.  We would give the event an A+. ...  West Orange Trail - Saturday April 30, 2011

You are entertaining and educational at the same time.  Your humor is appropriate for both adults and children. As you know my parents and husband also attended.  They all said they were glad they came to the event.  Thank you for your time and energy. Tammy, Site Supervisor Saturday April 30, 2011 - West Orange Trail - Chapin Station.

Good Afternoon Todd (Chief), Thank you so much for coming out to West Orange Trail's Chapin Station on Saturday, April 30 to give your Reptile Show.  We had 66 people attend the program, thanks to Mandy K. from our Marketing Dept., and from what I could tell, both children and adults enjoyed every moment - the interactions and comments between the children and their parents were priceless.  All were entertained and educated - one gentleman I spoke with afterwards said that he had dealt with over 1,000 snakes and still learned something new.  And everyone was so excited to have a chance to meet and have pictures taken with "Lucky". Your upbeat personality really comes through in your presentation - you obviously are passionate about what you do and it really shows!  Thank you, again, for making Saturday's program something that those attending will remember for a very long time.  Sincerely Janine C., Chapin Station - West Orange Trail - Saturday April 30, 2011

Thank you for everything, Dalton had a great time. He's still glowing even today. His friends @ school were very impressed. Dalton has many many awesome memories of Mountain trips, camping, fishing, n just plain having fun w Chief  and the gang (ACF).  Over the years he's gone on "snake-hunts" and "night herping" rescued a snake and released it back in Tenn. Chief is Fun, Encouraging, very knowledgeable, ........Heather. & Dalton V. (mom and camper of 4 years)

Our Cub Scout Pack 692 in Casselberry really enjoyed learning and seeing the snakes.  Chief Rowley educates without boring the kids....his comedy engages both parents and kids.  I even had parents come up to me a week later and tell me that the kids liked the snake show and are still talking about it...  Cub Pack #692 March 2011

Once again Chief Rowley dazzled the crowd with a mix of humor, education, and of course, snakes! Our annual event wouldn't be the same without him coming. This is a wonderful show that keeps everyone's attention from adults, to very young children. Informative, and fun, it gives everyone a chance to learn about snakes, and how to enjoy them up close or at a distance. Highly recommended for birthday parties, and family reunions! - The Oakland Nature Preserve, February 2011

We had attended one of Chief' snake shows before and loved it so we hired him to do my 2 boys birthday parties.  Chief really makes the show fun with his comedic antics.  All the kids and parents loved it.  The boys were the talk of their schools the next week! Private Birthday Party - January 2011

It's 9pm in Ocoee and your Ball Python is extremely sick...who ya gonna call???? Call Chief Rowley!!!! Thanks so much for making a late night house call Chief, all because of you Cocoa is on the mend and will pull through. Wow, it was a close call, the education and knowledge you gave us on snake care was priceless and we are so grateful. Thank you for your dedication, care and concern for our beloved pet and snakes all around!!!!We're so fortunate to have you in our area, We will recommend you to everyone:)  Jan. 19, 2011  Ashley & Ian

Chief Rowley, Thank you for doing the program for us at Camp Wewa.  My mother is a 5th grade teacher and I have heard about your show since I was in Kindergarten.  I finally got to see for myself how good it is.  I really liked all of the different snakes you showed us.  My favorite one was Lucky.  I am glad Lucky is doing fine now.  Hunter's Creek Elementary January 2011 - Luke D. (student).

Every year our school goes to Camp Wewa for an overnight field trip.  Chief has been a highlight for the students for many years.  He is informative and entertaining.  We wouldn't think of going to Camp Wewa without him! Louis M. - 5th Grade Teacher January 19, 2011 - Hunter's Creek Elementary

Chief, Thank you for another amazing show!! You always do a fabulous job and the students love the show every year. We have enjoyed having you over the years as part of the 5th grade camping trip.  It definitely gives the students something meaningful and fun to remember.  The funny jokes, learning information, and unique snakes you show keep the students engaged and learning.  I know the parents and teachers also enjoy the added humor for the adults!  We can't wait to use you again next year! Thanks again!  January 20, 2011 - Pershing Elementary School

I wanted you to know the show you put on for our group, the first night of our visit to Central Florida, was one of the highlights of the trip!  I know I speak for all of the children with cancer, and the woman dealing with cancer, that despite all of the many things we did during our visit, your show was something they will never forget! You have a special way with people of all ages and we so much appreciate your kindness and willingness to share your show with all of us. I hope that you will take me up on my offer to visit us this summer, at Camp Good Days' Recreational Facility, located on the shores of Keuka Lake.... Sincerely Gary Mervis, Chairman and Founder of Camp Good Days.  January 2011

"You ALWAYS give a GREAT Performance!  Thank you for coming. " "..the children enjoyed it very much they are still talking about it. We took some pictures so I will have Alex send you a link. Thanks again…", "They enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!! Thanks again.  Hopefully we’ll see you in the summer?"  Orange County Parks and Recreation Holiday Camps December 2010

"This was watch the kids interact and get excited was just what the doctor ordered.  The best thing is the kids were learning and didn't even realize it because it was fun. students and I learned so much and couldn't stop laughing!" Thanks again Chief   Walker Elementary School Nov. 2010 - Teach In.

Students (Walker Elementary 11/10) comments:  "Dear Chief Rowley, Thank you for teaching us so much about snakes! Your presentation was amazing. Your are the most hilarious person I've seen that did a show at my school. Thank you so much.", "Thanks for coming to our school, it was so much fun, and you belong in a comedy building. I am actually eager to eat bugs like crickets and mealworms. Stop Hammer Time!", "..I like touchy and NO touchy! You rock. I love that big snake Lucky. You Rock!", "Thanks Chief, your the best. No Touchy Touchy! can sure entertain kids. Thanks.  PS- did that worm taste good? You grossed out a lot of girls and you were right. Boy's aren't smart but they are funny. Just like you. (also included plenty of great drawings too)", "Thanks so much I enjoyed the show", "You were awesome", "thank you for coming in and teaching us about even more about snakes in not all fact form either. by the way how's your Monster-in law, may you should just get her a de-barkified. Hahahaha, have a good time.", "Thank you snakes rock!", "I was only there at the end but seeing Lucky was like I was there the whole time. You were so funny. I like when you ate the worm.", "Thank you Chief Rowley for coming to our school!. you even scared some of my teachers away!", "..I learned a lot of things, like not to touch a skunk and never touch a snake even thought it's dead. Thank you.", "Thanks for coming! I loved all of your show but it was weird when you ate a wish to be like you."

Thank you for the Creepy Crawly Show!  Our boys loved it!  It was all we talked about during dinner.  That card they brought home I very useful too.  My husband always told them about the saying "red on yellow, kill a fellow".  I could never figure it out it we will be keeping that card in our emergency kit.  D.D. - parent of Cornerstone Elementary YMCA After-School Program Oct. 2010

Dear Chief,  Thanks so much for coming to the YMCA After School program at Cornerstone Charter Academy. WOW is about all I can say! What an incredible show! The kids are still talking about it. It was amazing to see the way you were able to connect with the kids and the adults in the room all at the same time. The educational value of the snake education was a total success. I had parents that were stopping in to simply pick up their kids and ended up staying the whole program due to your energy, excitement and way you presented the program. This was a HUGE highlight for our semester! Thank you for making our “Creepy Crawly Show” a home run! I think everyone should bring you in at least once a year! Great tie in with the values of our program and heart for the kids! I can’t wait to have you back! Thanks again and I would love to have the opportunity to tell others about your exciting program!   Sincerely, Curtis B. - YMCA After-School Site Sup. for Cornerstone Elem.  Oct. 2010

Chief, I wanted to Thank You for and AMAZING show! The kids are still buzzing about it this morning bright and early! I look forward to having you come out again in the future!  Thank You!  Lake Sybelia Elementary - YMCA after-school Coordinator  Oct. 2010

Very informative  *  Very professional set up  *  Some info "A little too PG13"   *  Banging of fake snakes not funny  *  Spoke very clearly and precise  *   Loved the snake information cards  *  I know more about snakes than I ever have  *  Presenter was funny & entertaining  *  Promotes safe pet choices and conservation  *  My daughter has talked about how great the show was.  Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World Employee Picnic Oct. 2010

I like Lucky very much. He is a big, cool snake. Jarvis, age 8  *  The show was  hilarious! Chief Rowley taught us a lot of facts about snakes that we didn't know. Noah, age 10  *  Everybody should see this show! It was funny and enjoyable and I learned a lot about the different kinds of snakes in
Florida. Caleb, age 12  *  I liked the show because Chief Rowley brought colorful snakes. I really liked Lucky because he is so big and wriggled around by Chief's pockets. Cameron, age 8  *  The show was awesome! We got to see a huge Burmese python and a Bull python and a King snake! Roody, age 10  *  Snake Guy (: The show was awesome! I learned a lot and the snakes were cool! Thanks for coming out. Lauren  *  Great Entertainer! Love the show, it kept me laughing! Lishbeth  *  The show was great and you kept me laughing :) I loved Lucky. Daiza  *  (: Man you rock (: That was so cool-amazing-it kept me laughing. I hope you come again. Daniella  *  The show was really good. I like watching snakes. The best show ever! Jakari  *  This guy is hilarious! He has a great personality and taught me so many things that my Biology teacher should have! DaCory  *  The snake show was good. I learned a little more about snakes, like what their eyes or all black. Derrek  *  It was good and I learned a lot of things that I never knew before the show. The new snake was also so cool. Thanks for the show. Jordon  *  The show was cool. I've seen it a couple of times and I like the way Chief teaches about snakes with humor! Edward  *  It was awesome and should be on television! A lot of people would enjoy watching it. Chief did an awesome job! I enjoyed it! Marlo   *   Thank you so much for your Snake Education with a Twist! 
 Edgewood Boys Ranch Sept. 2010

I truly am so thankful that we met..What an amazing job you did. My son LOVED your show. It was all we chatted about on the way home...He told me "I liked that better than the magic shows". I will be more than happy to post a testimonial. .....WOW!!! In a word WOW. My son's cub scout blue and gold ceremony will go down in history as one of the BEST because of Chief. Thanks to Chief for the fun antics while educating our youth on the importance of snake education. How appropriate for scouters that camp in the woods to be educated about snakes. I think even my "mother-in law" enjoyed the much that she took a card! Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!    Troop 000  March 2010

What a wonderful show and day. Chief's reptile show was one of the best I have ever seen. He held the crowds attention the entire time. He was smart, funny and quite the showman. His snakes were in great shape- healthy with bright colors and vigor. If he were at anyone's son or daughter's birthday they would instantly become the coolest kid in school. I recommend Chief's show to anyone! He really did a great job and everyone learned so much. Definitely the highlight of any party or event. If you are planning any kind of event or birthday party - reptile related or not- chief is the man to call. Definitely made our Open House a great event. We will definitely invite him back next year!  Clayton F. - Oakland Nature Preserve - Program Director - Feb. 2010

Thank you he had a great time. He's looking forward to the next one. - mother of one of our 13 year old campers of 3 years. Jan. 23, 2010

Thank you for letting him go. He had lots of fun. - mother of our newest camper 10 years old and his 2nd overnight camping trip. Jan. 23, 2010

Dear Chief: On Behalf of all the children, young adults, and woman from Camp Good Days and Special Times who had a chance to participate in our Annual Florida Trip, I would like to thank you for taking the time to present your show to everyone ...... Everyone truly enjoyed the show and they were still talking about it days later!  Please know we very much appreciate your generosity and time.   Gary Mervis - Chairman & Founder of Camp Good Days and Special Times, Inc.  Mendon, NY - January 2010

As always you were awesome! I think you are more entertaining than Dane Cook. Have you seen his comedy routine? ..... I love the way you educate our students and staff. I wish more of our staff and their children would come.  Thank you for an exciting and learning experience! .....  Kathy W. Edgewood Boys Ranch,   Sept. 2009        Read additional comments below from students:

 - Your show was awesome!!! You taught me a lot about snakes and your "mother-in-law" and I loved how you put the snow together with being serious and putting jokes in there. I hope to see you again. Taylor

- OMG! It was the best show ever. Just a few sentences can't really summarize how amazing and funny you are. I think I gained abs from laughing so hard. I learned a lot and now I don't think snakes are bas as I thought they were. God has made you different for a season and you and I and, well everyone that have seen your show know why.  hahaha :)  PS- I'm going to keep your Mother-In-Law in my prayers.  PSS- No Touchy Touchy!!    Tabi

-You were really funny, you got my cheeks hurting from laughing so much and I'm really excited to learn more about snakes and show off what I know about them.

-It was Snake Education with a Bite of humor.  Zack

-I liked it. The best was the last snake but your jokes topped it off. Thanks!   Matt S.

-Chief or Mr. Snake. I really liked your snake show. It was interesting, fun and funny. I learned a lot cuz I really didn't know about the rhyme [Red touch yellow...]... but thank you a lot 4 coming to the Ranch. I hope you come again next year. Now I want a snake.  Emanuel S.

-You are so weird with those snakes. You have a great sense of humor. I like the yellow python. It looked really sweet. The coral snake was very nice too.

-You were very funny. You made a serious subject fun. You kept my attention. You gave me a laugh attack and scared me!!! - I might of had to change my pants.

-It was interesting in a funny way. You always made it so that we can understand.  Nikaisis

-I really enjoyed the show! Half of what Chief knows about snakes hasn't even been heard.

I came across your website when I was looking up education on snakes with my daughter for an oral report for school. I just wanted to tell you the info is really helpful. Thanks so much. I think her topic will be public safety, not sure yet which one she will pick. Just wanted to tell you thanks again. Gina F. TN - August 24, 2009

Chief, Thank you for your educational and entertaining show at Progress Energy on Wednesday. Our Field Guys are raving about the show and I think they walked away with some real-world information to use not only professionally but personally as well. Thanks again - C. B., Longwood Progress Energy August 5, 2009

Thank you so much for coming to our site with your reptile show. The kids and staff really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to next year’s event. .... Thanks again.  Lydia  July 28 2009, Orlo Vista Park

Thank you for the awesome snake show that you provided for my Tales From the Trail Program.  Everyone who attended had such great comments about your show and enjoyed it so much.  You are so entertaining and such a great teacher, ..... enthusiastic employee.  Thank you again  July 29 2009, Kirsten E., Recreational Leader - WOT

Chief Rowley's show is wonderful.  As the Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Winter Garden, we have scheduled him as a guest speaker for our Summer Camp and After School programs for several years in a row now.  He never lets us down!  The show is exciting, FUNNY, filled with lots of information and SNAKES, and the kids love it.  He is reliable, entertaining and quickly responds to requests.  I would recommend him to anyone.  Thanks Chief!! See you soon!  :-) June 2009 - West Orange Boys & Girls Club

great show Todd, my son will remember it forever. I recommend it for everyone ! - July 6 2009 Wekiva State Park

thank you as well Chief...  You do amazing work and have a great relationship with the kids.  Let us know if you need anything in the future! Dustin H. at Barachel Bike and Skate Shop May 16, 2009 

You and the snakes were Awesome! We got some video footage we’re going to put on out TXL TV internet show, hope that’s ok! The kids were really excited to see you. Thanks for coming out, I know you were really busy that day! Hope to see you again soon.  Tim F. at Barachel Bike and Skate Shop May 16, 2009

Just wanted to thank you once again for the education class and snake show for our 1st grade classes at Ventura Elementary in Osceola County.  It was an amazing display of skill and excitement - the students were on the edge of their chair every minute!  The interjected humor amid the education had everyone laughing - even the principals!!!!  The students particularly enjoyed all the interaction and participation throughout the show!  The boys and girls loved their snake certification cards they received from you - they are still talking about your visit!  I would highly recommend this educational show to any group of students of all ages!!!   Thanks again!  Joanne Tosi, First Grade Team Leader, Ventura Elementary School, Kissimmee, Fl  April 2009

Hi Chief, We really enjoyed seeing your show today at the library. I brought 2 friends with me, one of them planning a birthday party soon, so you may hear from her, her name is Ann Stevens. I just wanted to say, you had a challenging situation ... at your Dr. Phillips show, I don't know how you stayed on track with that distraction AND kept the other kids attention - GREAT job! nice to see you again, Joy Jacobsen  Saturday April 18, 2009

I am the Federation Chief for the YMCA Indian Guide Program in Downtown Orlando. This year we helped host almost 600 parents and kids for our State Campout. Because the economy was bad this year, we could only afford to bring in one entertainer. There was only one choice for us. It had to be Chief Rowley. This was the third time in the last five years that I saw a Chief Rowley show. Actually, I watched 2 of the 4 shows that we had him do for our event. Each show was packed with parents and kids. My son told me that it was a fun way to learn about snakes, and to learn about the difference between harmless and poisonous snakes. After our campout, I have received numerous emails thanking our group for bringing in Chief Rowley. I am certain that we will invite him to future events.  March 2009

Hey Chief,  Hope you had a great holiday with your family. I just wanted to thank you for the pictures of the camping trip. They were great the boys really really enjoyed the trip they are still talking about it. Thank you for taking them it was a great experience! Janice December 2008

We thoroughly enjoyed Chief Rowley's snake program. We used him for our son's 11th birthday. It kept all of the children (4-11 years old) and parents completely entertained as he informed us about the different snakes in Florida, how to tell venomous ones and safe ones. Our son received a ball python at the end of the program and that was the icing on the cake. Thanks for the fantastic show, Chief Rowley.  December 2008  Susan Nagy

Thank you as well for entertaining us.  I don’t believe we have ever had such a crowd for our book fair Family Fun Night as long as I can remember.  There was one child yesterday that went home sick, and was throwing a huge fit because he couldn’t stay and see you!  They loved it.  I will make sure to pass along the rest of your cards throughout the fair if anyone asks about you.  Take care!  Sandy   - St. James Cathedral School Sept. 2008

Good Morning Chief,  Just wanted to say thank you for a great show.  Your show was the best one we’ve had so far.  The kids and well as staff and adults all enjoyed your show tremendously.    Perhaps next year we can do it again. Again, from Rebecca Hilding (Director), NDA staff and myself – thank you for a great time.  National Deaf Academy Sept. 2008

I really appreciate the suggestion to think of a traffic light to remember the coral snake.  I have always had a hard time remembering the poem. I am from Yucca Valley, California We watched the videos on youtube.  The kids wanted more.  I e-mailed the website to my sister in Idaho. Thank you for the newer charts! Again, Thank you! Gale  August 2008  

Thank you for a great web page! (snakeeducation. com) I have bookmarked it for identifying snakes in my yard and will use it with my scout troop.  -Nancy   August 29, 2008. This e-mail was sent through my myspace account.

We recently moved to a new area where there are a variety of snakes. We have taught our children not to touch any snake but being able to identify which is venomous and which is not relieves a lot of anxiety. We also home school our children. Your website is a good resource!
Thank you for posting the US Snake ID chart. We explored every area of your website and enjoyed it very much. I really appreciate the suggestion to think of a traffic light to remember the coral snake.  I have always had a hard time remembering the poem. We watched the videos on youtube.  The kids wanted more.  I e-mailed the website to my sister.... Thank you for the newer charts! Again, Thank you!
With much gratitude, Gale (Yucca California). August 2008

I was at camp wekiva when you gave us the class, and now your snake reminder is on our fridge. You helped us figure out that a poisonous snake bit our dogs. We are now taking them to the vet, and I wanted to tell you THANK YOU very much because you just might have saved my golden retriever's life. Also, we have a lot of snakes in our yard, and our dogs just go NUTS for them. So when there is a snake, our dogs like to attempt to eat or attack them, and it's really hard to take the dogs away. Do you have any suggestions on keeping them away? They pull hard. Thanks again!   August 14, 2008

Chief, I cannot thank you enough for the terrific job you did week after week with our campers. The way you incorporate humor with education is outstanding! Throughout the summer, campers were sharing information they had learned from your show. Your passion for what you do certainly shows!  Thanks!
John Morand Director, FFGC Wekiva Youth Camp    Wekiva State Park Summer Camps June & July 2008

Hello Mr. Rowley,  Thank you so much for doing your program!! The kids LOVED IT and were talking about it all the way through the following week!  Boys & Girls Club of Zellwood, Florida  July 2008

Chief, Thank you for an amazing birthday party for our five year old son. We had seen your snake show so we knew we were in for a treat, but I could not have imagined how much fun we would have. The children's faces were priceless - I have NEVER seen a group of 4-6 year olds held at such rapt attention. The parents and kids were thrilled. They learned a lot and laughed even more. I was told repeatedly it was the best kids birthday party my guests had ever attended. You are a gifted entertainer and educator. I am afraid we will lose you to Animal Planet or the like, but in the meantime, you can expect to see us again. Thank you for a party we won't forget!  July 2008

Thank you for coming!  You were great and the kids would not stop talking about you and how much they liked your show!!  Even the staff were asking if you were coming back again!  July 2008 OCPR Summer Camp Kids

We had Chief do a show for our twins 8 year old birthday party.  It was awesome!  Our boys LOVED it as did all of the other kids and adults.  I have never had so many parents rave about a party, and several kids said it was the best birthday party ever.  Chief was so patient while all of the kids held the snakes and we took pictures. It was truly a memorable event.  Thanks Chief!  June 2008

Thanks again for coming to show our seniors and children in the area your show.  We still are getting comments from this today. You did a great job and we had a very successful turnout as well.  We would highly recommend you to perform this show to everyone.  Thanks again!!  OCPR Renaissance Senior Center Staff  March 2008

Hi Chief! Just wanted to thank you again for all of your effort in making the Windermere Elementary Science Night a HUGE success! You were HILARIOUS and the kids were thrilled - they are STILL talking about it! It was by far the most entertaining presentation I have ever seen and we will definitely have you back next year. Thanks again! Bill Martini March 2008

You were awesome!  I couldn't think of a better treat for the boys than you.  Everybody raved about you. Thanks again,  Debi  Scout #225 - March  2008

Dalton has absolutely loved the camps, day trips and movie days and especially the out of state trips. We will always be part of the Snake Education with a twist & ACF. Chief is part of our family now. He puts God first in the thing he does. He is a rare and wonderful  example to us and our children. He is an inspiration to all. Very sincerely,  Heather Vann, Ocoee, Fla. December 2007

Chief,  Thank you! I enjoyed it as much as last time. I have requested that each teacher submit testimonials to your web page. .... One of the teachers told me it was like snake education meets comedy central!  It was a blast. Thank you again, Kathy Weagraff,  Edgewood Ranch Nov. 2007

Thank you so much for your attendance at our Autumn Adventure. The scouts and parents really enjoyed your presentation! We will be organizing our annual Spring Fling soon for March of 2008 and we would love to have you attend that as well. We will let you know the exact date early next year. Sincerely, Benita Williams  October 6, 2007

Having worked with the same employer as Chief, I have had  the opportunity to watch him in action a number of times.  He has also done shows for my son's Boy Scout troop.  He is an excellent communicator who uses techniques to ensure that each child retains the information. They will leave knowing the differences between venomous and non-venomous species among other things!  He brings energy and makes everyone laugh while delivering his message and giving a hands on performance. He obviously loves what he does!  Chief - Keep up the good work!!!!  October 2007

"Chief Rowley was awesome! He kept all the kids attention with his interesting snake facts and his wonderfully corny jokes! Everyone was entertained, from kindergarteners to the freshman-- everyone had a great time--even the counselors loved it!    Jaime, camp counselor  Blanchard YMCA  June 2007

Hey CHIEF ... thanks for teaching me so much about the King Cobra. The pictures are great, the fang and shedding are awesome, and my teacher loved the presentation!  I learned a lot ... THANKS dude!! I can't wait to go on an outing. SSSSSSsssssssssseee U! :)   Jeffrey 12 old boy

Thank you so much for coming to our school. I have never had so much fun learning about snakes. I am sure the students had even a better time! I have never laughed so hard. All of the staff members and students present were laughing too. One staff member came to me after school to tell me what a great time she had! That has never happened when I have scheduled presentations for the entire school. Thank you again for coming to our school, Edgewood Ranch Academy, April 2007

the camping trip was fun and seeing all of those snakes up close was also really cool.  Jay 12 year old New camper Trip date April 21/22, 2007

Thanking you again for the great time you had exposed my son to. He really had a great time with all of you. Especially the meals that you cooked!!!! lol    Take care and have a great time on your adventures.......mother of a potential new camper of 11 years old.   March 2007

Well, we enjoyed having you...and look forward to having you out again!  Pamela, Oakland Avenue Charter School March 2007

Just wanted to let you know what a hit the show was in honor of my grandson's 10th birthday!  Not only did everyone learn something new, all were greatly entertained....laughter was abound in the room.:)  I was impressed that even the most frightened had warmed up to your legless critters by show's end.  THANK YOU for making my grandson's birthday so memorable!! .......Marie (Feb 18th, 2007 Brooksville)

Your show was a hit as always and they kept asking me about the worms, but I’ll never tell that it is planned!  We reviewed your snake info. on Tuesday and the kids remembered all of it.... I would also like to have you come and tell snake stories sometime in the spring. A PTA mom asked me also about you doing a show at Killarney so I’ll keep you posted on that.    Debbie, Killarney Elementary School February 2007

Hey Chief, thanks for the pictures. The trip was awesome. The food was good, the lake was cold and the fox was cute. Rosewell was dirty and the night was cold. That's the point of camping though. ...   sincerely,  Chris Varnadoe  current ACF Camper February 2007

hey chief, I had many great years with you and the trips were just great and I hope to see you again man I love you.  This ACF camper (now 14 years old)spent over 4 years in the program and now has moved West and is now much closer to the mountains. Nov. 2006

Hey,  this is <J.H.>- I contacted you about a month ago about the Pygmy Rattlesnakes.  First I would like to say thank you so much for your help.  I earned an A for the nine weeks project and the poster I made as a visual was voted the 'best'  in my class period -which actually earned me an A on the nine weeks exam- which brought my B, for the first nine weeks, up to an A   ...that's really good.  This is an advanced placement class- so it looks great to colleges, of course...   
Also my teacher told me that my presentation actually taught him a few things that he did not know...  He was very impressed and said that the presentation was the best Pygmy presentation he has ever seen.  So thank you, again for you help.
Just in case you have nothing better to do, I attached the finished power point that I used for my presentation to this e-mail.  In case you are bored.. You probably know most of what is included in the presentation,  but hey- you never know. ....  J.H.     Oct. 2006   College Student

You are so efficient, The boys and their parents loved you! Even the scouts who have seen you before had a great time - they love the jokes and the worm! I gave your name and information to pack 84, they should be calling soon if they haven't already! Great job! Mary Shubert  September 2006 Cub Scout Pack 823

Dear Chief, I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the show.  EVERYONE commented on what a wonderful presentation you gave. Max had a ton of fun. Thank you for making his 3rd birthday so special and educational.  Tonight after everyone left I asked Max what his favorite part of the party was and he said the “nakes” (that’s 3 year old for snakes!) He said that he liked kissing the snake because it was nice. You better watch out you may have some competition on your hands!   He really likes his snake skin. All of the other kids really liked going in the treasure box. You really made Max feel special on his special day.  I had such a wonderful time and will recommend your services to everyone that I know.  Thank you again.      Michelle Clinger   September 23, 2006

Thank you for a wonderful show at my son's birthday party.  He said that it was the best birthday he ever had.  You had my son and his friends laughing and at the same time, learning a lot about snakes. I was very fortunate to see your show at East Lake's camping trip and it was fantastic then too! I will highly recommend your show! Thank you, Carol Mobley  7/15/06

Thank you Chief Rowley for coming out to the Cub Scout Summer Day Camp 2006! We had 97 boys age 7-11 and you were able to keep them mesmerized for an hour! The snakes were great, educating the boys about all the snakes was fantastic! But their highlight was when you ate the worm, that really got them going!  They talked about you all week long, and now months later they are still talking about YOU! Great show, and great interaction! Thank you again, Mary Shubert, BSA Day Camp Director - Sandlake District.

It was a true pleasure to have you Chief!  The kids were talking about the show all night, they loved it!  You were very entertaining and educational.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future!    God Bless     May 31, 2006

Hey Chief! The pictures are great if you have any old ones I would love to have those too. Thank you again for a great time. Once again, an adventure of a lifetime. Thank you  May 27th Trip 06

Out of all the ACF Trips I have been on this is the best I have ever been on.  This is the most fun I have had in my whole life.  13 year old ACF Camper, June 2006 TN Trip (Camper of 4 years)

And again to you, Great Presentation! There is a lot of talk on the dock already about how good it was, and very entertaining. I'll be sharing your info with my peers, hope it will send more business your way. Thanks  Progress Energy May 24, 2006

Our annual Family Fest Scout show was the BEST with your snake show. You were able to hold the attention of a group of kids for nearly an hour with no problem and your way of teaching snake safety is really simple.  Thanks for the time, you did a great job!    Mike Palvisak  5/10/06  Boy Scouts

Dear "Chief" Rowley, I want to thank you for coming out to our school and providing such an entertaining and educational show on snakes. Our students loved every minute. Thanks again. Diane Johnson/Chickasaw Elementary School May 2006.

YOU WERE AWESOME!!! You were the hit of the campout and I am serious!! I had two different parents say they wish you did birthday parties. I thought I would find out if you did and pass it on. Your program was not only educational, but extremely entertaining!! The adults were so impressed and we all know the kids were. Anyway, we will visit your web site and put in some good words....... Anyway, thanks so much and I will continue to pass out your card. Thanks again. Sincerely, Carolyn Butler   Hillcrest Elementary School April 2006

Hey, the show you put on for our fifth grade camping trip was just fantastic. I have heard nothing but good comments about the show from our parents and fellow teachers here at Dover Shores Elementary. You kept the students on their feet and the interest throughout the presentation was exciting. It made our trip memorable and something the students will never forget. Thanks again, Bob Bragg  Dover Shores Elementary School April 2006 

Hey Chief!  Your show at Camp Wewa for Lake Silver Elementary on April 7th was the Bomb!  We loved it!  It was educational, entertaining and FUNNY!  The kids and adults loved it!  Thanks so much for coming!  Lisa Shaw  April 2006

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnake show. You did an outstanding job. It was fun for young and older alike. Your presentation and education skills are outstanding! It was wonderful.               Thanks,    Bob Goff, a new snake fan!!     March 15, 2006

For several years now we have invited Todd “Chief” Rowley to educate our students at our overnight campouts.  He provides an exciting, insightful, educational, and humorous presentation on snake education.  He has the ability to captivate his audience as he explains critical, life-saving information.  I highly recommend “Chief” Rowley as a speaker for any environmental education campout you may be planning.”      Louis A. Murgia, NBCT,   Fifth Grade Teacher  at Hunter's Creek Elementary School   November 2005

...just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed your show very much.  You are one funny guy.  You had the attention of the children the entire time with your humor and presentation skills.  That is very hard to do in today's world.  I think the information was important and the students seemed to remember it very well.  If you ever want to come back and visit just my classroom with your stories and personal experiences, we would love to have you.  The students at Zellwood need to be surrounded by good role models (men especially).  Take Care and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!   D. Toole, Zellwood Elementary School October 2005

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Boy Scout Troop/Pack 603. You and Greg put on the best show I have ever seen. The scouts as well as the parents were still talking about the show long after you left. What a way to finish the year off. I am interested in getting more information on a trip to the Ocala National Forest for the scouts, based on the incredible show you presented and the information on the web site this is something that we must do.............    Please send or e-mail any info you have so I can begin the process to plan the trip. Again on behalf of the Scouts and parents, thank you for a job well done,                          Scout Master Benny Jones        April 2005

thank you .. My husband told me he thought it might me a king snake but wasn't to sure... I appreciate your help.. I will be careful as you said ... have a nice day and thanks for a rapid reply.. are king snakes dangerous to small dogs?

Dear Chief,  I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible snake show you and your partner put on for Dalton's 9th Birthday Party.  Dalton has been glowing ever since.......               Heather Vann            August 2005

Hey Chief, the website is great and I will pass it on to others. Dalton is still talking about his awesome birthday and most of all... you. Thanks again Heather                Hope all is well for you talk to you soon ,Heather and Dalton      August 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIEF!!! Dalton is making you a birthday card it will be a little late because I just got my computer, sort of back on track. Hope your birthday is great. Heather & Dalton Vann

Dear Chief Todd, Thank you for your quick reply.  I have heard wonderful things about your show.  I will be contacting you in August about the show.  I look forward to your presentation. Diana Toole July 2005

Can I work with you sometime at your shows? If yes, I could give you the snakes or put them away. Or I could help you catch snakes in peoples houses and yards. What is your favorite in the world? See You Later By Colin Green     July 2005

Wow Chief You are a Gold Mine!   It really shows that Snakes  and Teaching others are you're Passion. 

Everyone had wonderful things to say about  you're show and how nice you were with the kids before your show and during.
We loved how you kept all entertained, Adults & Kids.  Thank You so Much!!  
The Abaloz Family: Mike, Kim , Michael and Gabrie     Nov. 2004

I know this is very short notice but tomorrow, Saturday, June 4th is Teddy’s birthday party.  We would love for you to come do your snake show for his party....

Dear Chief, your show was very entertaining for both my children and I.  I learned so much from the show.  The way you kept everyone glued to your every word was amazing.  You truly have a gift.

We cannot express enough gratitude for your investment in our community and, more importantly, in our children.     Orange County Library System

Wow, my son hasn't stopped talking about his camping trip with you.  The more he talks the closer I am to going myself.  It sounds like he had a great time.  I so look forward to the Closure Dinner so I can see the video and photos and hear from the other parents.  Thank you again.  You offered my son something I was unable to offer due to our situation. God Bless.

My son has told me so much about his trip with you and the other boys that I am very jealous.  He told me about the snake hunting, canoeing and cooking dinner Saturday night underground.  My son came home smelling of a campfire and I love it!  Thank you for allowing my son to be a boy around other boys outdoors with supervision.  Thank you again and I hope you keep him in mind for future trips.

Dear Chief, Awesome Show!  I wouldn't mind seeing another show like that.  I learned a lot from snakes too.   Ocoee Elementary School  4th grader   September 2002

Thank you Chief, now I like snakes even more than before.  Thank you for the show.   Ocoee Elementary School  4th grader  James  Sept. 02

A link to August 6, 2002 Snake Show in Huntington, IN :

Dear Chief, Thank you so much for sharing your snakes with our patrons.  I know they enjoyed the show. Many of them told me so after you left.  We appreciate you giving of your time for us.   Sincerely  Gina Hawthorne    West Oaks Library   January 2002

The best A.C.F. trip I've been on was when I went to the island. It was fun because I knew some of the other campers and I had never been on an island before and we saw some bones.  Doug Witt @ age 13 January 2002

Dear Chief Rowley, We enjoyed your presentation and learned lots of useful information about snakes!  Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing your time and snakes with us.     Sincerely  Mrs. Herwig and her 4th & 5th graders    Sweetwater Episcopal Academy  April 2001

Dear Chief Rowley, thank you for showing us what to do if you see a snake especially a poisonous snake.  i enjoyed watching you and you were pretty funny.  Also I appreciate you giving us a U.S. ID with venomous snakes and good snakes.  I liked all the snakes.                  Metrowest Elementary School  3rd grader  Jonathan    Nov. 2000

Dear Mr. Rowley, AKA Chief.  Thank you so much for your incredible show for our children.  I have never had a presentation go so well in my years as a teacher.  You really knew how to keep the children focused and seated, when they weren't jumping from your enjoyable surprises.  Thank you again, it really was a wonderful show.       5th grade teacher  Killarney Elementary School

Dear Chief Rowley, Thank you for teaching me about snakes.  I Liked it when you taught me about the snakes you can't pick up because it's against the law.  I also liked it when you taught me which snakes are venomous and which ones aren't....Also, you are funny.  You know how to make kids laugh all night.                 Metrowest Elementary School  3rd grader  Kaleigh D.  Nov. 18, 2000

Dear Chief Rowley, You are funny.  You ate a worm.  I can't believe it. You probably will have to eat more worms for other classes.....                                       Metrowest Elementary School   3rd grader   Maria P.  Nov. 2000

Dear Mr. Snake Man, Thank you for coming to my school and my classroom.  I like snakes a lot more after you talked about them.  I will be careful when I am outside and make sure I have 2 of my friend with me if I go in the woods.  I like how funny you were.  You made me laugh loud and I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

I can't wait to go again.  I had a blast rafting on the river but my most fun thing was climbing in the cave for hours.  I want to go again when you take your next trip.  Can I help out on future trips?  I am learning so much and having more fun than ever.      13 year old boy

Dear Chief, Cool Show!  It was educational and entertaining.  When the teacher said we were going to a snake show, I kind of flinched.  I was one of those people who believed all snakes be wiped off the face of the earth.  Let's just say when I got home I asked if I could have a snake for a pet.  I learned so much I don't know where to begin..... I'm still far from working the snake shows at Gator Land, but I definitely have a new respect for snakes.                                                           Hunters Creek Middle School     7th grader   Ginny K.    Oct. 99

Thank you for spending your time with us.  I enjoyed the snakes it made me realize how important snakes are.  Now if I see one I won't kill it.  So, thank you for spending your time with us.       Hunters Creek Middle School        7th grader     Zach  K.    Oct. 99

Dear Chief, You're very funny.  You were so much fun to hear.  I thought you were the funniest guy that has ever taught about snakes because some people make it boring.  But you were funny.  You're the greatest. Hunters Creek Middle School 7th grader  Gianelle H. Oct. '99

Dear Uncle Chief, It was really funny when you came over.  I had a good time so did my friends.  You were really funny!  And all those jokes you put in every bag were really funny.   Thanks for coming, your friend   Hasnaa E.   Hunters Creek Middle School     7th grader  Oct. 99

Dear Chief, Thank you again for the absolute best and most informative presentation ever!.... Your presentation again was terrific as are you!  See ya next year   Ms. Morrison, Teacher-  Hunters Creek Middle School Oct. 1999

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