When Out in the woods:

• Do not step over any large logs in your walking path. Step on the log, look over, then step down and help others over.
• Always travel in a minimum of three.  In the event of an accident/injury, one to stay with the injured and one to get help.
• Making noise (stomping on the ground) will frighten most snakes away before you approach.  Snakes do not have ears but they can pick up the vibrations.
• Use a walking stick. This will help with spider webs, possible snakes / reptiles and many other uses.
• When lifting up objects stand behind it in case a snake runs out or other creatures. You don't want to be in their path of escape!
• Be aware of the nearest fire station, hospital, medical building before going on any long walk / hike.  Let others know where & when you are.
• Look before you sit down on anything. Look on, in, around, under and over before sitting down.
• Do not put your hand in something or an area where you can not fully see with your eyes.

• Snakes do come out at night. There are venomous and non-venomous snakes that are nocturnal (active at night).

• Do not leave shoes outside overnight unless they are covered.  Shoes are a great place for snakes and other small reptiles, spiders and insects.
• Always look & use caution when picking up firewood. Also use caution when rolling over large logs or picking up firewood stacked/sitting for a long period.
• Keep your tent closed at all times even when using it.  Small creatures can enter the tent without you knowing.
• Keep all gear out in the open and not left under bushes.
• Roll up your sleeping bag when not using it, even during the day.  This is an extra precaution that can only help.
• During colder weather a warm fire may attract snakes.  Snakes being cold blooded require heat for energy.
• Snakes do come out at night. There are venomous and non-venomous snakes that are nocturnal (active at night).

Mothballs: using mothballs around your property will run off select food that snakes like to eat (lizards, rodents...)
Pure Ammonia: spraying ammonia on any reptile or animal will scare them off, no permanent harm will be done.

Weather & season does make a difference on whether you will come across snakes.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge!