Garter Snake, non-venomous
Below are snakes that may be up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any snakes below
please send us an e-mail. Prices are not set in stone but will take Best Offer. 
Some of these snakes can be viewed on the Snakes page.  Will not ship, must pick-up snake.
Sales to 18 years old and older ONLY!

F.F.W.C.C. Licenses  VRC-599  &  ESC20230  &   NWT-1549

Venomous sales follow Fl. state requirements! 

No snakes for sale at this time.   No venomous for sale at this time.
Last Revised:  8/20/10

New Florida Reptile Laws


If you like what you see then contact me and let me know.  Please make sure your phone number is correct and your e-mail address is checked twice.  I have received e-mails that did not work.

Chief Rowley is licensed and bonded in the State of Florida for Exotic Reptiles of Concern (Conditional Species) and remains up to date with the legal issues facing Reptile keepers & breeders in the State of Florida.