Tall Tales

The records below represent snake calls that licensed/permitted or experienced snake handlers have responded too.

Call Date Trapper Location of Call City Snake Type Size
August 1998 Crystal Sun-n-Lakes Area Sebring, FL Black Racer 3 1/2ft.
July 1999 Crystal Avon Park Avon Pk, FL Red Rat 4 1/2ft.
August 2000 Chief Citrus Bowl and OBT area Orl., FL. yellow rat snake in scrap pile 5 1/2ft.
April 2000 Crystal Lake Placid Lk. Placid, FL. yellow rat 3ft.
June 2000 Chief Dr. Phillips area Orl., FL. pigmy rattler in front yard 1ft.
September 2001 Chief Universal Studios area Orl, FL. at least 10 Black Racers in screened in back porch (mating time) 2-3ft.
June 2003 Chief/Greg Windermere Area Winde., Fl sightings of water moccs. on local lake, none found    
September 2003 Crystal Shingle Creek Area Orl., FL. Black Racer 3ft.
September 2003 Crystal Universal Area Orl., FL. Ring Neck 3in.
September 2003 Crystal LB McLeod Area Orl., FL. Yellow Rat 6in.
September 2003 Crystal Holden Area Orl., FL. Boa 7ft.
September 2003 Crystal Taft Taft, FL. Boa 4ft.
September 2003 Crystal Turkey Lake/Metro West area Orl., FL. Black Racer 2 1/2ft.
September 2003 Crystal Apopka-Vineland & Conroy Orl, FL. Black Racers (2) 2ft.&3.5ft.
September 2003 Crystal Metro West area Orl., FL. Yellow Rat 4ft.
September 2003 Crystal Curry Ford area (East side) Orl., FL. Red Rat 2 1/2ft.
September 2003 Crystal Shingle Creek area Orl., FL. Red Rat 1ft.
February 2004 Chief Old Winter Garden & Pine hills Orl.  Fl. red rat snake under the underside of towed vehicle 2 1/2ft.
February 2004 Chief Old Winter Garden & Kirkman Orl.  Fl. black racer in side dryer motor 3 1/2ft.
April 2004 Greg Waterford area Orl., FL. water snake in screen in pool 10in.
April 2004 Chief Buena Vista area Orl.  Fl. water snake in pool 8-9in.
April 2004 Chief I-4 and Orange Blossom Trail Orl.  Fl Albino Burmese Python in back yard 10ft
May 2004 Chief I-Drive area & Sand lake Rd. Orl., FL sighting of a "coral snake" at fast-food  
May 2004 Chief Universal Studios Orl.  Fl. Water Moc. 3rd level parking garage 2ft.
June 2004 Greg Pinehills area Orl., FL. Black Racer 2ft.
June 2004 Chief/Greg Waterford area Orl.  Fl. Large green water snake back screened porch 3 1/2-4ft
July 2004 Howard McGuire & Binion Road area Ocoee, Fl Large Burmese Python 8-9ft.
July 2004 Chief/Greg South (Haines City) Haines,  Fl. coral snake in backyard 2-2 1/2ft.
September 2004 Chief Florida Mall area Orl.  Fl. Eastern Diamondback Rattler at front entrance 5 1/2 ft.
September 2004 Chief/Greg Umitilla area Umitilla, FL. numerous water mocc. sightings at youth camping area ??
November 2004 Chief International Drive (hotel) area Orl.  Fl. Red Rat Snake in tire (removed before owner ever knew) 2 1/2 ft.
November 2004 Chief John Young & Old Winter Garden Orl.  Fl. 2 garter snakes in bedroom 1 1/2 ft. ea.
November 2004 Chief Hunters Creek area Orl.  Fl. ring neck snake in pool 8in.
November 2004 Chief Florida Mall area Orl.  Fl. Fake rubber snake on stairs 4ft
December 2004 Chief Buena Vista area Orl.  Fl. sighting of a rattler in yard 3ft.       ?
December 2004 Chief South International Dr. Kissi.,   Fl. Brown water snake front door 2ft.
January 2005 Chief Silver Star & Hiawassee Rd. Orl.  Fl. black racer sighting in front yard 2 1/2ft   ?
January 2005 Chief Fire Department Ocoee, Fl. baby yellow rat snake in yard 10in.
February 2005 Chief Citrus Bowl area Orl.  Fl. 2 baby yellow rat snakes in scrap iron shop 11 in. ea.
February 2005  Chief Hunters Creek area Orl.  Fl. Garter Snake in back yard near pool 2ft.
February 2005 Chief Baymeadows/ Big Sandlake area Orl.  Fl Brown water snake just off shore of lake inside a concrete block 2ft.
March 2005 Chief SeaWorld area Orl., Fl black racer found in side yard in a patch of mint (one eyed snake) 3ft.
March 2005 Greg Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Orl., Fl. garter snake found at clubhouse 2ft.
March 2005 Chief/Greg Alfayia & 434 area Orl, Fl. water snake found on back porch near spare tire (one of two caught) 2 1/2ft.
March 2005 Chief John Young & Old Winter Garden Orl., Fl. juvenile black racer found on side of house under green fabric 2ft.
March 2005 Chief Curry Ford & Econ., housing proj. Orl., Fl. large female water mocc. in front yard of home. (possible pregnant) 3 1/2ft.
April 2005 Chief Apopka-Vineland & Turtle Creek area Orl., Fl. 3 black racers seen in front yard none caught 1 1/2-3ft.
April 2005 Chief Apopka-Vineland & Phillips Landing Orl., Fl. black racer seen in screened pool area, caught outside in yard by A/C unit 2 1/2ft.
April 2005 Chief South Chase area Orl., Fl. red rat snake found on back patio outside of screen (injury to head area) 2ft.
April 2005 Chief/Greg Lake Apopka area Oakland, Fl numerous sightings of water moccs., spent 20 min. looking, none found 2-3ft
May 2005 Chief/Greg Goldenrod & Hoffner area Orl., Fl red rat snake (corn snake) found wrapped in garden hose in carport 2ft.
May 2005 Chief Curry Ford Rd. & Young Pine (Dean) Orl, FL. juvenile water mocc. located on back porch under plastic shelving 2ft.
May 2005 Chief gas station, corner of fern creek & E. colonial Orl, Fl juvenile black racer found in woman's car engine at gas station 1 1/2ft.
May 2005 Greg Off Goldenrod and Curry Ford E. Side Orl. Fl Ring neck in kitchen 6 inches
May 2005 Chief Texas Ave, Holden Heights area Orl. Fl Black racer in daughter's bedroom behind head of bed 2ft
May 2005 Chief Goldenrod and 408 area Orl. Fl Florida Water Snake found at front entrance to house 1 1/2ft.
May 2005 Chief South OBT near Whispers & Pepper Orl. Fl community fearful of large snake, none found only a track across a car ???
May 2005 Greg Curry Ford and Econ Trail (Eastside) Orl, Fl. water moccasin caught in back yard found by dogs 2 1/2-3ft
May 2005 Greg Orange Avenue area Orl., Fl 2 black racers caught in backyard in the bushes 3ft. ea.
June 2005 Chief Hunters Creek area of Landstar Orl., Fl water moccasin at front entrance to new home owners of 3 days 2ft.
June 2005 David d Orl, Fl. a large water mocc. just hit by a car dead on road and was removed 4ft.
June 2005 Howard Hunters Creek area Orl., Fl 1 brown water snakes caught in yard 2ft
June 2005 Howard Curry Ford Rd. and Econ area Orl., Fl. water mocc. 2ft.
June 2005 Chief/Greg Curry Ford & Econ., housing proj. Orl, Fl 1 water snake turned into 2 snakes (girl & boy) next to back screened pch 2ft & 1ft
June 2005 Chief Conway & Gatlin Orl., Fl. water snake caught in garage.  Note backyard backs up to small pond 1 1/2ft
June 2005 Chief/Greg Between Conway & Bumby off Curry Orl., Fl. Mom screams and son gets us, ring neck snake under sofa chair in the house 8 inches
July 2005 Chief Hunters Creek Area near Fl. Mall Orl., Fl water snake caught in bushes at apartment complex 2ft.
July 2005 Chief Way out there, Poinciana Blvd. Kiss., Fl 3 snakes caught in front yard bushes (2 boys & 1 lg. female 2ft.) 1 1/2ft.
July 2005 Chief E. Colonial Dr. near Dean Rd. Orl., Fl. black racer on back porch, screened area. Mom definitely afraid of snakes. 2ft.
September 2005 Chief Oviedo/Longwood area Oviedo, Fl Hagens Tree Viper removed from private home, involving a snake bite 1 1/2 ven.
October 2005 Chief Lockhart Area/Riverside Pk Orl., Fl Ball Python found in a man's garage 2 1/2ft.
October 2005 Chief Baymeadows/Dr. Phillips area Orl., Fl. baby black racer caught in washing machine with clothes and water in it! 8in.
November 2005 Chief Alafaya Trail & UCF area, E. side Orl., Fl young yellow rat snake found behind the water heater in the apartment 2 /2ft.
November 2005 Chief Apopka, near Horseman Pk Apopka, Fl Orange County Sheriffs Deputies respond to a large Eastern Diamondback 5-6ft.EDB
December 2005 Bill Dr. Phillips area Orl., Fl red rat snake in mail box 1-2ft
December 2005 Chief Bithlo area off Old Cheny Rd. Bithlo, FL donation of of 3 exotic snakes 1-3ft.
December 2005 Chief/Doug East Orlando, E. Colonial & Bonniville Orl., Fl BOA Constrictor in front yard on wood pile.  Owner bagged the snake!! :) 7-8ft.
December 29, 05 Chris S. Airport area (East Orlando) Orl. Fl. a water snake called turned out to be a ball python 3-4ft.
January 1, 2006 Chief/Doug East Orlando near Alafaya Trail Orl., Fl large Eastern Diamondback in apartment complex, called injured snake. was killed 4ft EDB
January 2, 2006 Chief Taft (Pine & Orange Ave.) Taft, Fl. large Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake in neighbors yard. Caught live! 4ft EDB
May 2006   Apopka area Orl., FL Florida Pine Snake 4 1/2ft.
May 25, 2006 Greg Orlando, FL. airport area, S. 436 Orl, Fl. water Mocc. on back porch of home 3ft.
May 26, 2006 Chief East Colonial off Goldenrod Road Orl., FL black racer in garage and back yard but not caught non seen
June 1st, 2006 Chief Channel 6 News on John Young Blvd. Orl. Fl juvenile Black Racer found on 2nd floor window seal 2ft.
June 2006 Howard Apopka/Ocoee Area (411 & Clarcona Ocee) Apopka, Fl 11 foot reticulated Python crossing the road. 11ft.
June 2006 Chief UCF area, Lymington Dr. Orl., Fl. Male black racer found on back screened in porch with a pool. 2ft. 5 in.
June 2006 Howard Kelly Park/Rock Springs Park Apopka, Fl large Burmese Python caught under walk-way eating squirrels. 6ft.
July 15, 2006 Howard McGuire Road & Binion Apopka, Fl large Burmese Python on road, called in by Apopka Fire department 12ft.
August 2006 Greg Pershing, E. of Semoran Blvd. Orl, Fl Red rat found in garage 2ft
August 2006 Chief Curry Ford and Conway area Orl, Fl black racer snake running threw ladies yard, neighbor trying to help. 2.5 ft.
September 6, 06 Greg Econ Rd., S. of Curry Ford Rd. Orl., Fl large Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake 4/5ft EDB
September 14, 06 Chief Avalon Park Area, East Orlando Orl, Fl large female water mocc. (possibly preg.) in front of house on sidewalk. 3 1/2ft.
October 19, 06 Greg Sandlake Road area, East Orl, Fl. lareg Eastern Diamondback Rattler but bull dog killed before Greg could get there 3/4ft EDB
November 4, 06 Greg Curry Ford & Goldenrod Road Orl, Fl. yellow rat snake climbing in garage 3ft.
November 8, 06 Chief Lake Underhill & Chickasaw Rd Orl., Fl Florida water snake found in pre-school playground area 1ft
November 8, 06 Chief Town Center Blvd/Hunters Creek Area Orl. Fl red rat snake found in front yard bushes, just ate a mice  1 1/2ft
February 10, 07 Chief Semoran Blvd. (436) & Gatlin Ave Orl., Fl. a possible Red Rat Snake seen on front porch but not caught. 2 ft.
April 4, 2007 Chief Kirkman Rd & Raleigh St. Orl., Fl. woman called w/ large 20pound snake in front yard turned out to be a landscaping rock! a rock!
September 22  07 Chief W. Colonial Dr. & Wilma Ave. Orl., Fl. thought they had a water mocc. in a wrecked car, turned out to be a mud puppy 1ft.
October 25, 2007 Chief ORMC, downtown Orlando Orl. Fl FWCC called Chief to remove a pigmy rattle snake brought in by bite victim to ER 8 inch.
October 2007 Chief Pine hills area by Barnett Park Orl., Fl. woman called about a large dark snake in shed but called 24hrs later, nothing found. ?
November 11, 07 Chief Tibet-Butler Preserve Orl., Fl. called about a 6ft. ball python that turned out to be a 6ft. Columbian Boa 6ft.
November 20, 07 Chief UCF area, Lymington Dr. Orl., Fl. black racer sitting on back porch for a couple of days under water fin. 3.5-4ft.
January 2008 Chief Osceola County Kiss., Fl transported a large King Cobra to the Airport to transport to NC 7ft.Cobra
February 2008 Chief Pine hills Area Orl. Fl home owner called to report what was a yellow rat in yard 2ft
May 31, 2008 Winston Central Florida Fair Grounds Orl, Fl Ball Python found during a Hindu Event 2ft.
June 10, 2008 Chief Shopping Center, corner of Dr. Phillips & Sandlake Orl, Fl Red Rat Snake found in bathroom of local business. Under trashcan 1ft.
August 2009 Chief/Doug Corner of Edgewater Dr. & Lee Rd. (Metro PC) Orl., Fl. a snake was reported in the back office but was not located - went out a hole. N/A
August 2009 Chief/Greg Metro West Area off Hiwassee Road Orl, Fl. red rat snake found in ladies front yard near entrance door on statue 1ft.
November 3, 2009 Howard Hiwassee Road and 414 Orl, Fl. large Eastern Diamondback Rattle Snake in the middle of the highway 5ft.
November 7, 2009 Greg Dr. Phillips area Orl. ,Fl. juvenile black racer (not black when young) found under dryer in home 1ft
January 2011 Chief Ocoee - Windermere Area Orl. Fl. MEDICAL SNAKE CALL on Ball Python 2.5ft.
February 2011 Chief Ocoee - Windermere Area Orl. Fl. Follow Up: MEDICAL SNAKE CALL on Ball Python 2.5ft.
February 18, '11 Chief Apopka Area Orl. Fl. Snake Call - Black Racer-porch 2-3ft
March 9, 2011 Chief Ocoee - Windermere Area Orl. Fl. Medical call earlier in Feb. to relocation of Ball python & red rat snake 2ft each
March 9, 2011 Chief Pinehills Orl., Fl. Garter Snake removal from front yard of home owner - came from lake in backyard 2ft.
April 3, 2011 Chief Windermere Area Winder. Fl. 3 black racers inside closed in pool area. 2-males, 1 female. (3 total) 2.5-3ft.

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Chief Rowley is licensed for venomous & non-venomous snakes and nuisance trapper permit through the Florida Fish &Wildlife Commission, Tall., Florida.