If the snake you are observing is a danger / hazard to the immediate area and you are able to remove the snake, then do so.
Using a broom stick or stick in general to either scoot the snake along or pick the snake up and put in another area.
If able, contact a reptile / rodent catcher to come and remove the snake (venomous & non-venomous).

If the snake is venomous, do not catch the snake with your hands.
Your child needs you to teach and guide them, not bleed and die on them!

REMEMBER: Chief Rowley is a licensed Trapper (#NWT-1549) for Snake Removal!  407-445-1812

Something to Remember:  Most people that are bitten by venomous snakes are bitten trying to kill or catch the snake.






If the snake you see is indeed a serious danger (venomous) to your family and you are not able to "scare" the snake away
from the area you may "feel the need" to destroy the snake. Do this with care.   Again, there are other options. 

Keep in mind trying to kill a snake may put you endanger of getting bit yourself.   Dead snakes DO bite (nerves)!

Remember there are many options other than killing the snake.
Call a trapper, call Chief (407-445-1812)
, call someone who knows about snakes before destroying it !!!

Mothballs: using mothballs around your property will run off select food that snakes like to eat (lizards, rodents...)
Pure Ammonia: spraying ammonia on any reptile or animal will scare them off, no permanent harm will be done.









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