Tall Tales      Fl. Venomous snakes


To a camper, seeing a snake can be a thrilling experience (or not).
Allow the campers to get that thrilling experience but in the safest of ways.
Pay attention to your surroundings when out and about, especially in grassy fields & woods. 

Check out the other important links too: Things Not To Do, If Bitten, In The Woods and several others for a SAFE snake watching experience.

Keeping a minimum of 15 ft. away from a snake will insure a good and safe look to watch and learn.
(15ft. allows maximum safe observation)

Ground Level:
When you come across a snake you may frighten the snake away.
To a snake you are a giant! So, get low to the ground, maybe squat.
Doing this will give you a better chance of observing the snake for a longer period of time.
If you don't want the snake to stay then stomp your feet and wave your arms around, it will leave.  Snakes do not have ears, they'll feel the vibrations!

Parent/Camp Counselor Role:
The role of a parent should be to maintain a safe distance and safe observing area for their child.
If you know the type of snake being observed then this would be a perfect opportunity to Empower your child with knowledge.
If you do not like snakes, that is okay too. Observe the snake from a distance and watch / learn all you can about the snake.

If you found a dead snake on the road, be careful, and remove them from the road.  Other snakes may wonder into the road to eat the dead one and run over.      Remember dead snakes can bite (nerves in a snake can still be active hours after a snake is actually dead).  Be careful.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge!