• Do not suck venom out with your mouth. (all it takes is a cavity or mouth sore to carry the venom).
• Do not run around screaming and yelling if bit
(will pump the venom through the blood quicker causing more damage to tissue and organs).
• Do not drive self to hospital if bitten by a venomous snake
(you may pass out and cause more injuries).
• Do not cut an "X" over bite wounds and suck out venom.
(This may cause more infection).
• Do not ASSUME a venomous bite is a Dry-Bite
(let a doctor make that decision). When is doubt have a Dr. check it out!

Do not try to kill/catch the snake.   Do not pick up dead snakes.    Do not use a tourniquet.   Do not put ice on the wound.   Do not drink alcohol.

If bitten DO THIS: 

Stay calm.      Remove all jewelry.       Splint area of bite.      Mark area of swelling and note time (do this every 10/15 min.).     Get medical treatment.







IF YOU ARE BITTEN: While on your way to medical treatment call Venom-1, Dade County Fire Rescue.  Have the Dr. call him.  They have the ability to have anti-venom in the air and on the way to you within an hour anywhere in the WORLD.   Venom-1  mdfrantivenom@miamidade.gov

Write these numbers down.      non-urgent -786-331-4454     urgent - 786-336-6600



Remember CORAL SNAKES: "Red Touch Yellow Kills a Fellow, Red Touch Black Friend of Jack."


If you forget the rhythm, think of a Traffic Light.  "Red and Yellow Kill a Fellow..."

10%-20% of venomous snake bites are dry-bites every year.  What does that tell you?  Chances are the venomous snake bite is not good and medical treatment is needed immediately (80% to 90% have venom injected).

Venomous Bites: Approximately 200 venomous bites in Florida per year.  8,000 in the USA.  100,000 fatalities every year in the world.









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