Albinee, an Albino Burmese Python
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Below are snakes that both Chief and Greg have. Some of these are used in the shows and some may be up for sale. To learn more about these snakes as well as see photos of them, click on the type of snake you wish to see. As noted above all snakes below are NON-Venomous. To see the list of Venomous snakes or other snake info click the appropriate button above.  You can also click on photos page to view even more snakes.  Click on the Snakes below to learn more about them and print out a Snake Specific Info Sheet.    

                    Snakes For Sale                                                 more photos

Black Racer Coach Whip Florida Water Southern Ring Necked
Red Rat (Corn) Black Rat Gray Rat (Oak) Texas-Bairds Rat
Yellow Rat Florida Brown Garter Florida Pine
Speckled King Pine Woods Eastern Glass Snake Eastern Hognose Snake
Scarlet King Snake Brown Water Painted Water  
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Chief Rowley is licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Florida for Exotic Reptiles of Concern (Conditional Species) and remains up to date with the legal issues facing Reptile keepers & breeders in the State of Florida.

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