Monster Make-up Over the Years...

Nightmare on Pine Street, Orland Florida mid to late 1980's  Zombie Boy at Nightmare on Pine Street  Nightmare of Pine Street 1990's  Halloween Horror Nights @ Universal  would you ever believe that is my sister ... yes, in make-up!  She worked at a bank at the time and she was sent home for be "too scary".

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal    Rich getting his annual make-over for Halloween  Corporate party during HHN 1996.  Actor with large claw gash.

Blair feeling like a pumpkin on Halloween   Halloween Horror Nights at Universal   Nighmare on Pine Street in Orl., Fl.  1989

Mark before becoming Jesus on Easter Sunday    Mark as Jesus on Easter Sunday for Church Play   Spider Lady 1993 Jacksonville, Florida for Haunted House   Moss Park Haunted Hay Ride Oct. 21, 2006 volunteer

 A bad bear attack when her eye fell out!  Okay, so it 's just make-up but man did she send people running.  YMCA Staff getting into the spirit of things 2004  Index finger missing from Hamster bite  Former YMCA staff deciding to be more friendly then scary 1997

 Okay, if you see these clowns... Stay Away!  Halloween Horror Nights at Universal.. Bad Clown!

No hitchiking today      Make-up for KISS (okay, not the real group) 1996 HHN

Halloween Horror Nights   Rich doing another annual make-over on Halloween   Rich on his annual Halloween Make-over, my favorite.   Close up of Rich from the photo to the left

Bill with a Cobra about to bite.  Notice "Death" looking on in the background. Oct 2006  Paul becoming a "Red-Neck Dracula" Oct 2006  Greg becomes "Death" Oct 2006 Bill Survives 2 horrible Snake Bites to his face Oct 2006 These 3 people were found wondering my neighborhood Oct 2006

Radio Contest winner at Universal getting made up 1996    Universal Studio Florida Corporate Party 1996

3 cases of blisters gone bad Oct. 2008Chief's get a bad chemical burn Oct. 2008

Girl Gone Evil! Oct. 2008   this young lady aged into a 80 year old! Okay not that young but effective.

   young wicked-wich without the hat & purple hair   Young girl became a Wicked-Witch 100%  Witches of Hunters Creek Community Center Oct. 2008




These are just a small section of the different types of make-up I have done over the years from private events to Theme park events as well.  Enjoy with some disgust knowing they are only make-up, latex and some other tricks of the trade.  Hire for parties (public & private) and Halloween Events!!
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