All campers that get the awesome privilege of camping in the ACF program will need certain camping gear. In order to have an enjoyable experience camping over night you will need such items as: flashlight, long pants, shorts, sleeping bag or blanket & sheets, rain gear, hiking shoes, underwear, socks, towel, toiletries (comb, toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, deodorant), hat, pocket knife ( you must first go through safety training with Chief), insect spray, sun block, extra batteries…

Remember, it is your responsibility to pack your own gear not your parent(s). Look over the items below. If you like playing outside or ever been on a sleep-over then you should have almost everything you need at home.

Friday to Sunday (Weekend Trip)                                                                                                                                           
2 Shower roles (long pants, shirt, socks, underwear) Over-nights: require very little:
1 towel sleeping bag, swim trunks, towel, change of clothes,
Toiletries (soap, toothbrush/paste, comb/brush, deodorant, shampoo) flashlight, sun block, camera, water sandals
1 pillow (optional)
Water shoes (sandals with a back strap…no flip-flops) Seasonal
1 flashlight (put batteries in incorrectly so light will not turn on accidentally in your pack)
Extra batteries
Extra pair of socks & underwear
Bathing suit Seasonal
Rain gear (even if weather looks good)
Walking/hiking stick (optional)
Sleeping bag or blanket w/ sheet
Tent (only when instructed by staff)
Blanket (optional & seasonal)
Pocket knife (check w/ staff first….. Blade no longer than width of palm)
Jacket/wind breaker
Sun block (recommend at least SPF 17 or higher)
Insect repellent
Camera (optional………recommend a disposable one)
Trash bag (large plastic one)
Thermal underwear (seasonal & optional)
Misc. (book, cards, comic book)

4 to 6 days (Out of State)                                                                                                                                       Trips with Cabins
Everything the same above except add:                                                                            When using cabins on a trip you
4 shower roles total (only when tent camping)                                                                   will not need as many shower roles.
Extra shoes, 15-30 min. calling card, up to $50 for spending.

Shower Role: take a pair of pants/shorts fold them in half then lay a shirt, underwear, and socks on one end of the pants/shorts. Once there begin rolling up everything into a “roll”…Shower Role. Easy to grab and go with!

Remember DO NOT let your parents pack your gear. You are the one camping and you need to know exactly what you have in your pack and what clothes you bring. It’s no fun trying to figure out who’s clothes are who’s. I recommend you pack at least 2 days in advance of a trip then go back and repack it again. Become very familiar with your pack and gear.

Knowledge is Power and Power is Knowledge. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.
























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