Put cursor over photo for details.  15 years of wonderful adventures - Thank you.

1st Pre-ACF Trip, October 1997. Rafting the Ocoee River  Pre-ACF Trip, Rocking Climbing. Oct. 1997, Reliance TN 1st ACF Trip, March 1998 - after 2 months of planning. Ocala National Forest

October 1998 Trip at Lookout Mountain, Chatt. TN   October 1998 rafting the Hiwassee River, in Reliance TN   Team Building for 1st ACF Out of St. Trip to TN. Ropes course at Camp Wewa. Oct. 1998

November 1998 in Ocala National Forest at Blue Sink. Andres Jumps in!  November 1998, hunting season. Camping across lake from Eckerd Camp.  November 1998, canoeing in Ocala National Forest, Alexander Springs River

1999 Day Deep Sea Fishing (David, Frenchy & Josh shown)  1999 Day Deep Sea Fishing Trip  1999 Night Time Shark Fishing Trip

February 1999, 2nd out of St. Trip for ACF. Boone, NC on Grandfather's Mountain.  October 1999, 3rd Out of State Trip.  Pre-trip Picture to TN.  October 1999, Caving in Hollywood AL. (Danny & Erin in fore ground)

November 2000, our boat stranded on Peanut Island in the Gulf of Mexico, off St. Marks FL.  November 2000, boys heading out in the Gulf to an Island. (James & Andrew look happy)  October 2002 trip to Cherokee Mountains, TN. Boys before kayaking the Hiwassee River.

February 2000 in Boone, NC at Ski Beech Mountain (2nd snow trip ever). Snow all around us.  February 2000, boys learn to ski at Ski Beech, NC. (Arron's first snow ever) February 2001 at Ski Beech Mountain, NC. (3rd Snow Trip)

 October 2001 boys look off Stone Mountain in, Stone Mnt. GA.  February 2001, boys standing in line to snow tube at Ski Beech Mnt, NC. July 2002, boys helping each other into the ceiling in a cave in Hollywood, AL.  

February 2002, Teen ACF Trip.  Most boys never been in the woods before. Ocala National Forest  February 2002, Teen ACF trip to Ocala National Forest. Night time campsite set up across Farles Chain O Lakes March 2002, during Spring Break boys camp in mountains of AL for longest trip ever (9 1/2 days). 

2002 March Littly River Canyon in AL (Chief & Staff Adam)2002 March Boys getting ready to kayak the Hiwassee River, TNBoys enjoy some kayaking on the Hiwassee River, TN - March 2002

  2002 Al & TN Trip ( 9 1/2 days) - "The Suck" in Signal, Mnt. TN June 2002, Camp site in Ocala National Forest.  Taking a break from the Sumer heat. (near Half Moon).

July 2002 Trip to Little River Canyon, AL. Cooling off for the moment. July 2002, Little River Canyon in Ft. Payne, AL July 2002 caving in Hollywood, AL. Brother's Matt & Shelby drink pure clean cave water

July 2003, water runs heavy at Little River Canyon, in Ft. Payne AL.  Chief & Nicole (staff) cooling off as well at Little River Canyon, AL. July 2002  July 2003, Rafting the Hiwassee River, in Reliance TN

November 2004. Boys pose for a pic on beach in Alligator Point, Fl. (Gulf)   November 2005, Greg holds a venomous coral snake while campers look on in the Ocala National Forest.   March 2003, boys rafting the Hiwassee River on a muggy day in Reliance, TN.

December 2004. Boys enjoy some snow on Max Patch Mnt, in NC (Mountain is both in TN & NC)  January 2005 (finishing up our Dec. 04 trip) boys at Bed & Breakfast (Tuck Ya Inn). March 2003 Pre-Trip photo to Ocoee, TN.

Early 2005 Collin & Justin take raft to water in Ocala National Forest, Alexander Spring Wildlife Management Area   Early 2006 boys sitting around fire in Ocala National Forest (Chris, Chris & Dalton)  2006, boys hanging out in back of truck while Road herping in Ocala National Forest.

May 27, 2006 boys enjoy cool water at Alexander Springs, in Ocala National Forest.   May 2006 boys around camp fire in Ocala National Forest.  May 2006 Halston getting wood for evening campfire.

June 2006, Pre-trip photo to Cherokee Mountains, TN. James (on left) 1st trip as staff (former camper). June 2006 Cherokee Mountains, boys sliding down mountain to Granny's Lagoon location. Halston takes the lead.  June 2006, Chief emerges from cave off Train tracks in Cherokee Mountains. June 2006 boys throw rocks into the Hiwassee River at Power Station.

June 2006, James 1st rafting experience as the "guide". Lord help them. Hiwassee River, TN  June 2006, Granny's Lagoon located in the Cherokee Mountains. James about to cross. June 2006, boys after an evening of train track herping. Chief has several venomous snakes in his socks. Cherokee Moutnains, TN June 2006 boys enjoy a day of hiking in the Cherokee Mountains, TN.

May 2005 Officially names "Granny's Lagoon" located in the Cherokee Mountains, TN.June 2006, Phil emerges from Cave in Cherokee Mountains.June 2006, Halston enjoys the view of the Hiwassee River at sunset in the Cherokee Mountains.September 2006, boys favorite spot "Jump Tree" in Ocala National Forest

January 2007. Dalton and Chief show off their "game face" in Ocala National Forest.  January 2007. Chief and Phil standing in Ice-cold water at Camera Lake in Ocala National Forest.  January 2007. Dalton & Phil enjoy a walk through Rozwell Saturday evening in Ocala National Forest.

February 2007, Boys enjoy playing at Rozwell in Ocala National Forest.  February 2007. Boys look out over Rozwell in Ocala National Forest.  February 2007 at Jump Tree. Cold Water.

March 2007, boys enjoy climbing at Rozwell in Ocala National Forest. March 2007. Boys checking out Rozwell in Ocala National Forest. March 2007 at Camera Lake in Ocala National Forest. Water colder then it looks.

April 2007 campsite at Camera Lake in Ocala National Forest.    April 2007 at Rozwell and climbing upward.    April 2007 at Venom Lab in Deland, Fl. Boys get a huge thrill with Cobra pops it's head out.

June 2007 TN Trip. Photo taken at stop in Tifton, GA. Ryan (f. right) 1st Out of State Trip as Staff (former camper).  June 2007, Cherokee Mountains at Granny's Lagoon.  June 2007, rafting the Hiwassee River. To see VIDEO of this rafting trip go to youtube. 

June 2007, moments before Jay sends Chris into the Hiwassee River.  June 2007, post campsite photo at Lost Creek in Cherokee Mountains.  June 2007, Lost Creek Campgrounds in Cherokee Mountains, TN. Boys look for dinner.

June 2007 boys enjoy a cool day at Turtle Head Falls in Cherokee Mountains, TN.  June 2007 Hiking the John Mears Trail toward Granny's Lagoon in the Cherokee Mountains, TN   June 2007 boys heading back to camp using the train tracks on the Cherokee Mountains in TN.

Dalton, Erik and Chris camping Dec. 2007 at Camera lake    Chris, Dalton and Erik at Rozwell.  Lead on Erik!    Boys at Rozwell on a December 2007 Trip

Erik, Dalton and Phil: Hear no evil, Speak no evil and see no evil...most of the time. Jan. 2008 trip   Boys rafting on Camera lake Jan. 2008 January 2008 expecting rain and it came that night around dinner time.

January 2008 Chris L. posing the "Vanna White" with the raft  Chief throwing up the Sign of "Walmart" keeping it real! William holds up cake made the night before in Dutch Oven Feb. 2008

close up of white cake made the night before in Dutch Oven and put icing on it too. Feb. 2008 William and Chief chill be fire at Camera lake Feb. 2008

June 2008 TN Trip - Suspension Bridge rebuilt- TN  Cave on the way to Granny's Lagoon 

Dalton, Chris & Chief at Turlte Head Falls, Cherokee Mnts. To see Video of this place go to youtube.  Any one have any "Damn" Questions? One of several Damns in TN (TWA).  Granny's Lagoon June 2008

Chris, Dalton, Koby (new friend) & Doug ready to go rafting  Hawassee River, TN  Rafting the Hiawassee River, TN June 2008

Chief, Chris "Dizzle, Chris "Licata" and James about to raft the Hiwassee River Aug. 10 2008Rafting the Hiwassee River Aug. 2008Chief and the boys pose at Granny Lagoon's waterfall Aug. 11, 2008

Boys at Granny's Lagoon August 2008Ghost House August 2008-Reliance, TNYep, the boys took their "toys" camping too. Benton, TN Aug. 2008

 August Camping Trip to TN, 2008  this cake was baked in the mountains at Camp for "Dizzle's" 13th birthday Aug. 12, 2008

 1st REUNION ACF Trip - Camera Lk Ocala Nov. 2008Reunion ACF Trip re-exploring Rozwell Nov. 2008Ist Reunion ACF Trip Crew: Kyle "CK", Ryan, David, Matt "Frency" & Chief

Cold Morning at Camp Nov. 16, 2008Looking out of Rozwell Nov. 16, 2008Hanging at Rozwell, Nov. 2008

Riley, Derek & Doug look out over Rozwell Dec. 2008Doug, Riley and Derek stay warm around fire at Camera Lk campsite Dec. 2008Chief, Riley and Derek pose at Camera Lake Dec. 2008

June 2009 Trip to Little River Canyon, Ft. Payne AL   bottom of Little River falls taking a group Log Photo. June 09   James and Phil show how they rescued Chief from the water - Granny's Lagoon June 09. To see the REAL RESCUE go to Youtube.

Rafting the Ocoee River, class 2-5 river. June 09, TN. See REAL VIDEO of this trip on youtube.  Beginning our hike out to Granny's Lagoon June 2009, Cherokee Mountains, TN Lost Creek Campgrounds in the Cherokee Mountains June 2009

  Just got through caving for 2.5 hrs in Ft. Payne, AL. June09  Boys taking a break looking out over Granny's lagoon. June 09. See more of Granny's Lagoon at Youtube

Walking up the Lost Creek River Cherokee Mnts, June09  Having fun at Little River Canyon Falls, AL June09. See REAL VIDEO of this place on youtube.  About Ready to go White Water Rafting, Ocoee TN June09

Halston, Chris and Stephen Advertising Dinner Sept. 2009Halston and Chris - somethings just need to be hidden. Sept. 2009Dusky Pigmy Rattle Snake found on ACF Trip Sept. 2009Chris and Halston posing with Kanya West!!! Sept. 2009

Chris getting up close and personal with a large Tiger at the C.A.R.E Foundation Sept. 2009 Stephen, Dalton and Riley head over to Jump Tree for a Swim Jan 22, 2010 Dalton helps Riley up at Jump Tree Jan. 22 2010

Riley, Stephen and Dalton at Rozwell Jan. 2010 The boys sitting around a morning fire waiting on breakfast Jan. 2010 Dalton gets a Big Fire Going Jan. 2010

Chris L. jumping at JumpTree Feb 20 2010 Dalton jumping at JumpTree Feb 20 2010 Halston jumping at JumpTree Feb 20 2010 Stephen jumps at JumpTree Feb 20 2010

Boys climbing at Rozwell Feb 20 2010 Stephen & Dalton fishing at JumpTree Feb 21 2010 Halston get's Jeep Stuck Feb 20 2010

DeSoto Falls, AL - March 31 2010 Shell Rock Island-Beach, N. Florida - April 2, 2010 Little River Canyon, Ft. Payne AL - March 31 2010. Yes that is Chief on that rock in the middle of the ICE-COLD water!!

Boys BEHIND falls, very cold water! Little River Canyon Falls - March 31 2010 Great Photo of Little River Canyon Falls, Ft. Payne, AL - March 31 2010 Rock Climbing Crew in Little River Canyon area - April 1 2010 Climbing crew making their way to the site to go Rock Climbing in AL

Cool looking "Mushroom" rock in AL, we decide to push it over on Stephen. Lord of the Flies! Campsite at DeSoto State Park, AL March 2010 Yes that is Michael Myers serving Breakfast to: Bacon, Hotdog and a Banana. You think that is funny you should of seen the Police Officer's Face! N. Florida April 3, 2010 

Overnight Caving in AL June 2010

Stephen get's his Descent on into the bottomless pit of darkness. Spider-man Chief in the cave June 2010

Boys enjoys some wet time at Granny's Lagoon June 2010 Boys about to hike down from Little River Canyon Falls to swim and explore. Little River Canyon in AL, during a storm.

Boys explore Lost Creek in TN, June 2010 Crew before they rappell an 85ft cliff in AL White Water Rafting the Upper & Middle Ocoee River in Ocoee, TN

September 2011 Shark Fishing Trip off the Atlantic Coast   September 2011 Shark Fishing Trip off the Atlantic Coast - Stephen Catches the biggest shark   September 2011 Shark Fishing Trip off the Atlantic Coast - Samuel's Dad (John) joins us on the trip

Septembet 2011 - Stephen, Zenas and Dalton enjoy some natural spring water in Ocala Florida    Monster Trucks in Orlando Florida January 2012 - Citrus Bowl, not just camping in this program!  Monster Trucks Jan. 2012 - the boys and Stephen's Uncle to join us on this night trip.

Boys doing some fishing off the banks, January 16, 2012  Older reunion trip - boys set up camp, February 18, 2012  Eric, Dalton and Chris pose for the picture - Feb. 18, 2012

Yep, after some camping it was time for some fishing and swimming, Feb. 19, 2012   Halston showing the pose, Feb. 18, 2012 while Chris and Phil look on.

Dalton & Stephen on the Nantahala River in NC, March 26, 2012  Rafting the Nantahala River in NC, Class III rapid. March 26, 2012  Boys hanging out at Lost Creek, Cherokee Mnts - March 2012

Suspension Bridge in Cherokee Mnts, over the Hiwassee River March 2012  Grannys' Lagoon - Cherokee Mountains, March 25, 2012 Boys enjoying some CAVE time in the mountains of TN, Cherokee Mnts - March 2012


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